Sahara Trek Completed

So we have finally finished the trek on Sunday 5th February 2012. The last few days were an experience of a lifetime. During the expedition, we endured situations that you just take for granted eg. Chairs! I finally sat on a seat for the first time on Friday, five days since my last seating. Weird as it may sound, my back side was loving it and believe me, it was a treat!

My last 4 baths were in true desert style - a bucket and a mug with water having been warmed on coal and taken in an open air tent.

Our toilet was a portable loo placed in a make do tent in the middle of our camp. Visiting it in the middle of the night was an absolute nightmare negotiating the freezing wind and attempting to do everything with the aid of a head torch.

The food was (although very healthy), seriously basic and vegetarian throughout and I had not had any chicken or meat since leaving London. Thank God I took my Sashimi powder and Tabasco to spice up the Veg Tagine and Couscous!

On Friday we got caught in a sandstorm and I managed to find sand in places I never knew I had. That was one scary situation seeing masses of sand flying off the dunes in the air. The key was to keep moving in the same direction as the wind or be covered in sand from head to toe.

On a lighter note, one of my biggest challenges was not having a mirror. This small but seriously important item was not mentioned on our camping list. I now realise how often I look in one and enjoy doing so! Sleeping in a bag in a tent was far from a pleasant experience to say the least either. I had to literally keep a hole measuring roughly 1 inch in diameter to breath as it was too cold to have any part of your body exposed. Despite wearing multiple layers, I have never endured such cold conditions ever before.

All said and done its been a fabulous and fulfilling experience and I have learned a few new skills, one of them being how to treat blisters of which I have had many. Ouch......

All in all I am extremely grateful for the life I live and I thank God for it.

Thank you once again and as a result of all your support I managed to raise in excess of £11,200!

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